Another traditional dish from the wonderful island of Naxos, this time a salad made from Skate wing. This particular recipe was given to me by Taverna Spyros in Ag. Prokopi, Naxos.


Skate wing about 1kilo (with bones)

Scallions 4 chopped whole with the green part

Onion 1 sliced

Fresh parsley 1 bunch chopped

Salt and pepper

Juice from 1 lemon

Olive oil 1/3 cup about

Cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices to garnish


Boil the skate wing in salted water for about 20 minutes (ready when flesh is coming off the bone)

Allow to cool. Remove the flesh from the bones with the help of two forks

Shred the flesh to small pieces

Chop the vegetables and parsley

Mix with the skate and season, add lemon and olive oil to taste

Garnish and serve!!

Recipe: Spyros Taverna, Ag. Prokopis, Naxos island

You can watch the video here