When I began organizing my travel packages, my friends questioned, “Why only Sitia? Don’t you think people would like to explore other islands, cities, or places?”

Allow me to elaborate on my choice, Why Sitia?

Throughout my life, I have traveled extensively—for leisure, business, tourism, and gastronomic exploration. I’ve encountered remarkable destinations with awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating cultures, cherished traditions, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality.

I’ve visited places steeped in ancient history and others that offer the tranquility of the sea and the majesty of mountains.

Yet, there’s one place that encapsulates all these qualities, along with an extraordinary, gentle human nature, and that’s Sitia!

It offers:

The City of Sitia


Sitias Geopark, part of the Global UNESCO heritage, offers amazing landscapes and walking paths, part of the European E4 path. Hundreds of caves, gorgers with streams and waterfalls.

The eastern part of Crete offers famous beaches like Vai Beach with the unique Palm forest, Mohlos Beach, Makris Yialos, Xerokampos, Kato Zakros, and more.

Exploring the Geopark


The house of the Arms in Sitia town, Kasarma, 2 Minoan palaces, the Hamezi Folklore Museum, Toplou Monastery, Archeological Museum of Sitia, and the beautiful monastery of Kapsa.

Music and Dancing is a big part of the Sitian culture.

Togetherness is part of Sitias culture


Sitia is the home of the Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 40 million olive trees.

More than 1200 species of herbs and edible wild greens, producers of some of the best vegetables and fruit in the country. Meat and amazing dairy products, and restaurants that only offer traditional local cuisine.

Big supporters of the Cretan cuisine


“There is no other place in the world that gives you the genuine feeling of hospitality known as Hellenic ‘Filoxenia.’ Wherever you go, you will be greeted by smiling faces, and homes will open their doors for you.

Their warm welcome will capture your heart forever.”

All door are wide open to Filoxenia

So, why attempt to squeeze in 4 or 5 different destinations in your 8 or 10 days of vacation, only to become weary of traveling and miss the chance to truly acquaint yourself with one place and its people?

avoid the hustle of squishing and pushing

The enduring memories etched in your heart and mind stem from the connections you forge with people—to assimilate into the local culture, experience their way of life, explore the surroundings, and savor the beautiful cuisine that contributes to their health, happiness, and longevity.

If this isn’t reason enough to book your next vacation to Sitia with me, then I rest my case!

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