Season 1

Episode 1

The first episode of Savor Greece takes place in Northern Greece on Evia Island. Shortly after my visit to Psaropouli, the North part of the island suffered devastating damage from the 2021 summer wild fires. Many villages and forests were completely destroyed, including Vasilika and Agios Nikolaos in Elinika, futured in this video.

Episode 2

Paros island in Cyclades, Greece.
Savor Greece meets with private chef Petros Tsounakis at his farm house in Ambela, Naousa, where he cooks Revithada (chick-peas stew) in his wood burning oven and Gouna (salted mackerel fish) air dried for a day and then grilled.
Also a visit in Naousa, Parikia and sister island, Antiparos.

Episode 3

In this episode…
Dimitra’s apartments, a little oasis in Sitia
Dimitris Garefalakis prepares fresh artichokes to serve with Raki
Alexandra Psaraki makes Breakfast with cracked wheat (hondros) with fresh goat’s milk and honey,
Ghogho Garefalaki cooks Goat stew with artichokes stuffed with staka and creme fresh
Nicoletta goes for herbs hunting with Zambia and Gianni
Pantelis Kouvarakis gives us a demonstration of making Staka

Episode 4 Part One

In this episode…
The Garden of Heroes
Salt Flats of Mesolongi and Salt Museum
Mesolongi the Romantic City and the Lagoon
The fishing and making of Bottarga (Avgotaraho)
The Panigyri of Agias Agathis

Episode 4 Part Two

Part two of episode 4 takes you to a village outside Mesolongi called Rigani to learn all about Hilopites (Greek fresh noodles) Trahana (Frumenty) Ravani (a traditional local pan cake), a quick visit to a Traditional Settlement of Pellada in the lagoon of Mesolongi and the harvest and production of Calamata Table Olives.

Episode 5

In this video we visit the town of Nafplion, we learn about Goges and Tyropitaria at Kefalovriso and cook next to the river, we visit Maladreni to have amazing Dolmadakia at the Mikinaiki Ghe Winefarm, we have traditional Giosha at Hamezi Argolidas cooked in a mad and brick oven, fish from Kios fishing village, cooked Kakavia by the sea at Vivari and left with a promise to be back soon.

Episode 6

Naxos is in the center of the Cyclades islands and the biggest of them all. Full of ancient history, beautiful mixture or Venetian and Cycladic architecture, traditional villages, self-sufficient as it produces everything on the island, produce, meat, dairy products, wines. In the first of three episodes Savor Greece visits Chora, the main town of Naxos, An olive press, Taverna Spyros in Ag. Prokopi for Skate wing salad, 106 years old Probonas distillery for citrus products and the ever famous traditional village of Apiranthos for Marietta to cook for us Krasotigania and Amygdalota!! Welcome and enjoy, feel free to comment and communicate with me (Tony).

Episode 7

Kefalonia is not only the biggest Greek island of the Ionian Sea but also one of the most beautiful ones! Worldwide famous for its scenic beaches, dramatic landscapes and delicious food and wine, the island attracts and bewitches thousands of visitors with their music and hospitality. A truly perfect setting for a magical trip.

Episode 8

Back to my favorite place in Greece, Sitia on the island of Crete. This time we visit the open food market, Aggelakis Banana farm in Sitia, the Cultural association of Exo Mouliana prepared sourdough bread and showed us the making of the traditional Cretan Dako rusks together with a beautiful Cretan lunch and lots of Raki made there especially for us. We walked the amazing Richtis Gorge and Tziaveri Taverna made for us a traditional Kakavia soup (best ever).

Episode 10

In this part one episode of Tinos, we take a visit to the Church of Panagia, The Holy Mother Mary, Nikoleta Foskolou cooks for us 2 amazing recipes in her traditional kitchen at her orchard, “To Perivoli tis Nikoletas” we tale a drive to visit some of the Dovecotes of Tinos, Yiannis Kritikos will show us the making of the traditional Louza of Tinos.

Episode 12

Sparta Lakonias is known for the beautiful landscape, the best olives and olive oil, the amazing Bouzopoula purchase the best pork in the world, the Byzantine medieval Town of Mystras, traditional dishes like Kayiana and Tiganospsoma made by the Women Association of Pelana, and the first ever Greek salmon from a family natural fish farm in Kastori, G-Fish.

Episode 9

Ancient Olympia; home of the Olympic Games and the Temples of Zeus and Hera. Also, where Loukoumades was made for the first time, a honey token to the participant Olympic athletes. We visited the Olympic arena, the historic museum, made Greek yogurt ice cream, yiayia Georgia gave us her recipe on loukoumades and even made them for us!! Marika showed us her wonderful handmade soaps made from Olive Oil, and Marios took me on my first Truffle hunting ever.

Episode 11

S1E11 part two of the island of Naxos with the world famous Astakomakaronada that was served to us by Maria at Apanemi Fish Restaurant in Moutsouna Bay, meet Nikiforo the shoe maker, the Tsiblakis Pantopolion in Chora, we learned about the best potato in Greece, great meat at “Sto Ladoxarto” restaurant and visited Ingberts marble studio to see his amazing sculptor art.

Episode 13

Back in Sitia-Crete for more food and local music!! We visit the workshop of Manos, Sounds Wood where he shows us how he makes local string instruments, Eleni and Yiannis will sing a verse from the famous poet Erotokritos, Haroula in Lithines will make the amazing Xirotigana of Crete, and the village of Chrisopigi will give us a Cretan welcome with music, food and hospitality!!

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