Season II

Meteora – Greece,  M.T.R.,  Kleftiko 

The Greek word Meteora means “suspended in the air” and this phrase rightly describes these remarkable monasteries.

What to eat and drink in Kalambaka

Where do you find good food and wine in Kalambaka? I visited 3 restaurants and a vineyard and I am here to share with you!!

Greek Halvas, best ever_homemade s2e6

Halva is a traditional food among Greek Orthodox who have food restrictions over the lent

 The amazing Kalitsounia s2e8

Sitiaka Kalitsounia are some of the most famous and beloved sweets on the island of Crete in Easter time

Mesogaia of Attika: with Vouryia, S2E7

Eastern Attika, for those who know a little of Athens, Its main settlement is Spata, and its main harbour is Rafina

A day in the farm with a Pontian Greek, S2E11

I love meeting those who preserve the tradition and keep the Greek culture alive, this is Theofilos Georgiadis

Lemnos Island, Varos Village & Flomari, S2E13

In this episode I will take you to a beautiful Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, called Lemnos. 

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lesvos Island,  and the rebirth of Sigri S2E15

It was my first visit to this breathtaking island, which left me speechless on multiple occasions—from the wealth of local products to the diverse terrain.

Super Greek Grannies The Pride of our Culinary Tradition S2E17

These Super Greek Grannies possessed a deep understanding of secret ingredients and techniques that made the Greek cuisine truly special

Food and Wine in the Greek island of Lemnos  S2E19

Situated in the Eastern Aegean between Lesvos and Thassos, Lemnos offers a serene escape, amazing food and superb wines… a must visit

Best 2 Gyro Restaurants in Greece  S2E21

The Best Gyro (Yeero) Restaurants I found in Greece, one in Kilkis in the Northern Greece and the best one in Athens!!!

Greek Epirus Pita, Kalambaka Town_ Wood Carving Institute

Kalabaka town has a population of 12,000 citizens and is situated on the foothills of an extraordinary geological phenomenon

Raising goats in Greece on Olytsikas Farm, Ioannina

from the big city to the farm and medicinal herbs from a sacred land s2e3

Baklavas Yianniotikos, from the Island with no name  S2E5

The island with no name is also known for its traditional Baklava. Yiota, an expert in making the traditional Yianniotiko Baklava

Politiko Tsoureki s2e9

One of the most characteristic traditions during the Greek Easter is the making of the politico tsoureki and red eggs

The Greek Lake Kerkini: A Natural Wonderland, s2e10

Lake Kerkini is an artificial reservoir in Central Macedonia Greece, about 100 Km northeast from Thessaloniki.

Mykonos, The Greek Island or not & Annas onion-pie s2e12

Mykonos was the first island to accept tourism, thanks to archeological discoveries in the nearby Delos early 1930’s

Chania, Cretan Knives, Ntounias Slow Food s2e14

Chania is one of the oldest towns in Crete, with rich and long history with the remarkable monuments and houses 

The Melancholic sound of the Pontiac Soul and the Authentic Pastrouma s2e16

The Pontic lyra is a legendary instrument that carries with it a fascinating tale of mystery and intrigue.

Organic Mountain Retreat in Chania-Crete, Milia S2E18

In this episode we in Chania once more and I will take you to a beautiful mountain retreat for a visit and good food.

Hahles and Ladotyri in Lesvos S2E20

You will only find Hahles and Ladotyri in Lesvos Island. Two beautiful products made the traditional way.

Plomari at Lesvos island, the Ouzo Capital S2E22

The city of Plomari on the island of Lesvos is particularly renowned for its ouzo production. In the late 19th century