One of many traditional dishes found in the most beautiful village of Apiranthos in Naxos island cooked by Marietta Galani


Olive oil about 1/2cup

Boneless pork shoulder 1kilo cut in big bite size

Onions 2 sliced

Salt and pepper

Fresh rosemary to taste

Strong red wine 2cups

Fried potatoes to serve on

Grated Naxos Graviera


Pour olive oil in a pan and add the meat pieces, season well, let the oil burn and brown the meat on all sides.

Stir in the onion, add the rosemary, cover with a lid, low the heat and simmer until meat is tender and liquids are almost evaporated.

Add the wine, turn the heat up and cook for another 10 minutes with the lid off.

Serve over fried potatoes, sprinkle with Naxos Graviera and garnish with cherry tomatoes.

Recipe: Marietta Galani

You can watch the video here