Another traditional dish from the Lakonia region. Fried bread dough, served with local honey or cheese of your choice or even better… both!!! An easy and quick recipe made at any time of the day, loved by young and old folks!!! This recipe was made for Savor Greece by the Pellana ladies on S1E12.


All-purpose flour 5cups

Dry instant yeast 1tbs

Sugar 1tbsp

Salt 1tsp

Water lukewarm 1+1/2cups

Olive oil or veg oil for frying

Honey to serve with

Cheese of your choice to serve with (feta cheese, parmesan, pecorino will do)


Mix flour with yeast, sugar and salt. Add the water and mix well to dough. Allow the dough to rest and rise double in size.

Warm the oil to medium high

Take small lots of dough with wet hands and spread to form a disk (almost like a small pizza). With your finger make a hole in the middle of the disk to prevent it from blowing up like a balloon.

Carefully place the dough-disk in the oil and fry to golden brown on both sides.

Remove and let stand on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.

Serve hot with honey, cheese or both

Tyganopsomo was made for Savor Greece by the Pellana ladies

watch the video here