Maybe one of the best known Greek pies (together with cheese pie) is Spanakopita or Spinach Pie. It makes a great snack, a great full meal, eaten hot, warm or just at room temperature, full of nutritional value, loved by all, young and others!!!


Phyllo pastry 1 packet #10 or #7

Butter 1 stick (8oz)

Olive oil 1cup

Spinach 750grm (26oz)


Leeks 2

Scallions 10

Spearmint fresh 1cup leaves only

Parsley fresh 1 cup leaves only

Dill fresh 1cup leaves only

Feta cheese 1cup crumbled 

Eggs 3

Greek Yogurt 1 cup

Black pepper to taste



-cut the leeks lengthwise and chop to thin slices. Wash well under running water and strain.

-chop the onion and add to leeks. In a medium hot pan sauté with some olive oil onions and leeks together until cooked.

-sprinkle some salt on fresh spinach (I used baby spinach) and with your hands squeeze to wilt. Place in a big mixing bowl.

-pick the leaves of the fresh herbs (spearmint, parsley, dill) and add to the mixing bowl.

-add feta cheese to the mixing bowl.

-whisk the eggs, leave about ½ an egg and mix the rest with the yogurt. Add to the mixing bowl.

-mix well; adjust seasoning (salt and pepper).

-in a small cooking pot melt butter in olive oil over low heat.

-grease your baking pan.

-brush one phyllo pastry sheet at a time with the mix of oil and butter. Repeat the process and place 4 sheets in the pan making sure you fold the edges of the pastry over the rim of the pan.

– fold the 5th pastry sheet in half and place it as well in the pan.

-spread the spinach mix over the phyllo pastry in the pan, fold over the mix the pastry sheets that are out of the pan rim.

-brush the 6th pastry sheet and fold it in half. Place it on top of the spinach mix.

Brush another 4 pastry sheets, one at a time and place them on top of the pie. With the help of a brush, push and fold the pastry to tuck it in the sides between the pan and the pie (see video how to).

-refrigerate the pie for about 40 minutes. Preheat oven to 175c (350F)

-brush the top of the pie with the whipped egg you left unused and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

-score the top phyllo pastry sheets with a knife to 8 pieces and bake for 1hour and 10 minutes (all ovens are different, please make sure is not burnt but nicely browned)

-allow to cool and enjoy.

Recipe and photo: chef Tony Kavalieros

Watch step by step video here