Favorite Italian food makes best filling for sandwiches. In this recipe Porchetta or Pork Belly it is smoked and this elevate the taste to another level.


Whole slab of smoked pork belly with the skin on

Coarse salt

Mixed peppercorns

Caraway seeds

Fresh oregano

Fresh rosemary

Fresh thyme


  1. Submerge the pork belly in cold water overnight (this will hydrate the meat and soften the smoking taste)
  2. Pat dry the pork belly
  3. In a myrtle and pestle crush 1tbs coarse salt with 2tsp caraway seeds and 2 tsp mixed peppercorns
  4. Add a spoonful each of fresh oregano, rosemary and thyme (leafs only) and ground together
  5. Cut the double flap of the belly but leaving the skin whole, keep that piece aside
  6. Rub with the salt, spices and herbs the inside of the belly
  7. Place the extra piece of meat you have  in the middle of the belly and wrap the porchetta around it forming a log, secure it with skewers
  8. Using a butchers needle and cooking twine saw the opening of the fold
  9. With the twine tie twice the log horizontally and then 7 times starting from the middle of the log vertically (it is going to look like a big salami)
  10. Push the rod of the rotisserie through the log and secure it with the end forks
  11. Place the rod in the grill on low speed,  cover the grill fired with medium heat and cook until internal temperature of 162F (72C)
  12. Allow the porchetta to rest for 15 minutes before cutting thin slices
  13. Use according to personal preference to create your own sandwiches.

For the video was used:

  1. French baquette toasted with olive oil, Dijon mustard and arugula
  2. Portuguese rolls, toasted with olive oil, grilled slices of pineapple, roasted red bell peppers and roasted serrano chili peppers

See the video here

recipe and photo: Chef Tony