Founded in 2019, online mindful cooking platform, Marmalade + Kindness (M+K) encourages people to find moments of mindfulness and creativity through cooking. On 2 December 2020, M+K launched HARVEST, the first digital food magazine dedicated to ‘mindful cooking.’

With the pandemic seeing a rise in home cooking, HARVEST aims to encourage people to see cooking as an opportunity for self-development and self-care. ‘For me, it’s very much about changing people’s relationship to the cooking process,’ says founder, editor and culinary writer, Adamantia Velonis.

‘It’s not just practical — there are many lessons in the process. You learn patience, you have to be attentive, and very often you learn about your reactions when things don’t go the way you planned.’ Rather than seeing cooking as a chore, it can contribute to positive mental well-being.

As cooking is deeply immersive, studies have shown that maker activities like bakinging, can help ease anxiety and stress. ‘I first noticed the benefits in my own life when I moved from Melbourne to London. Cooking became a creative outlet – a way to connect to my heritage, to experiment, fail and find time to pause.’

Ms Velonis goes on to say, ‘being of Greek descent, food has always played a prominent role in practising my culture and shaping my identity.’ In a year where travel has been limited, HARVEST shares a taste of Greece, through its recipes, focus on Greek produce and interview with UK MasterChef 2019 winner Irini Tzortzoglou.

It reminds us that food not only physically nourishes us, but its smells and tastes can trigger deeply personal memories, to be cherished in the present moment.

The debut issue celebrates winter with:

  • 10 seasonal recipes, developed using produce from local businesses in Oxford, England. The recipes include prompts to help turn cooking into a self-care ritual
  • an original essay from UK author and food writer, JENNY LINFORD
  • exclusive interview with UK MasterChef 2019 winner IRINI TZORTZOGLOU
  • profile on artisan Greek jam makers, GARDEN TALES PRESERVES
  • poetry from Faber poet, ELAINE BECKETT
  • original illustrations and food photography.

Other key points:

  • PAPERLESS, as part of M+K’s sustainability commitment.
  • EMPOWERS WOMEN. The entire creative and editorial team is female.
  • SHOP LOCAL. Recipes are inspired by the local organic produce and shops in Oxford, England.

Made in Oxford. Inspired by the world. Created by women.

HARVEST is available for purchase via the M+K website:

Use promo code SPREADM+K10 for a 10% discount on your first purchase.