Goat is one of the favorite meats in Crete and it is delicious. Goats in Crete are fed with herbs and natural greens. The meat gets cooked much faster than most other meats. The combination of goat with artichoke, staka and lemon will give you an unforgettable flavor.


3kilos goat’s meat cut to portion pieces on the bone

1cups Olive oil

2 white onions diced

1 bottle of white wine

9 artichokes cleaned to resemble small cups and kept in water with lemon juice

2cups crème fresh

2cups staka (almost like a cottage cheese, soon will make the video of how it’s made)


Salt and pepper

Juice from 2 lemons


Pour the olive oil in the casserole and heat it up

Add the onions

Spread the meat over the onions and the hot oil, sauté all together

Add the wine and put the lid on. Cook for about 40 minutes

Mix the crème fresh with the staka

Take the artichokes from the water and drain, sprinkle salt all over the artichoke

Spoon the crème mixture in the artichokes

Place the artichokes carefully in between the meat pieces in the casserole. Add a little water and simmer until the meat is cooked.

In another bowl mix again ½ a cup each crème fresh and staka and add lemon juice to dilute it.

Spoon the lemon crème in the casserole and with your hands you tilt and twist the pot to mix the crème in the food without stirring.

Adjust salt, pepper and lemon juice to your preference, sprinkle with oregano and enjoy!!!

Recipe from Gogo Garefalaki (Sitia-Crete)

watch the video recipe here

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