What is The Greek Summer Table? Well, it varies across different islands and villages in Greece due to the availability of local ingredients.

However, they all share certain elements: a fresh seasonal salad, some type of pulses, locally made cheese, fresh fish, good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and homemade bread. Fresh herbs and greens are commonly present, and dried oregano or thyme often garnishes the dishes.

Choriatiki salad a must for The Greek Summer Table

The wine is typically simple and produced from nearby vineyards, and there is always an extra chair available for unexpected visitors. The Greek Summer Table embodies the spirit of “Filoxenia,” which means hospitality.

Gouna salted and airdried fish, and grilled on charcoal

During my visit to Paros island in the summer of 2021, my friend Petros Tsounakis treated me to an incredible experience. We enjoyed a delicious “Gouna” fish, prepared on the day of our arrival, (salted with herbs, airdried and finally slightly grilled on charcoal). Petros also cooked a slow-cooked “revithada” (chickpeas stew) in a special clay pot overnight in a wood-burning oven.

Revithada, chickpeas stew, slow cooked in wood burning oven

The salad featured freshly picked vegetables, accompanied by the famous Parian “Xinomizithra” sour cottage cheese, Petros’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some red wine local vinegar, handpicked capers and oregano, his mother’s homemade bread, and a table filled with friends and laughter. This exemplifies the essence of the Greek Summer Table. Can you think of anything better?

Chef Petros Tsounakis

If you’re interested, you can watch Petros demonstrating the preparation of Gouna and Revithada here

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