For those who know me, it is clear that I have had the privilege of living in some of the most beautiful places in the world during my lifetime which I could call My Dream Place. Among them are Egypt, Greece, South Africa, and the USA, with Greece and South Africa holding a special place in my heart.

During my time in South Africa, from the age of 17 to 37, I experienced some of the most remarkable moments in my personal, professional, and spiritual life. It was in South Africa that my first daughter came into this world, and where I forged strong friendships and lived a fulfilling life.

Alexandra South Africa

I had the opportunity to explore various destinations within South Africa and neighboring countries, and every time I stumbled upon a place that took my breath away, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is My Dream Place!” Whether it was the awe-inspiring Gods Window in Eastern Transvaal, the captivating beauty of Malawi, or the enchanting combination of vineyards and Table Mountain in Cape Town, each location left an indelible mark on my soul.

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Gods Window, Malawi Lake, (some of My Dream Place’s)

In 1994, I bid farewell to South Africa and embarked on a new chapter in Greece. My first visit was Samos, the birthplace of my grandmother and a place filled with cherished childhood memories. It instantly became My Dream Place!

Samos island

As time went on, I discovered other dream destinations, such as the vibrant city of London, the picturesque landscapes of Holland, and the beloved Italian city of Padua. Perhaps I possessed an innate ability to adapt to any place I encountered, as I always managed to make the best of every destination, earning them the title of My Dream Place.

Athens, Amsterdam, London, Padua

Returning to many of the places I had previously deemed My Dream Place always brought me immense joy. Athens, in particular, held that status for another 20 years, and it was there that my second daughter was born. However, due to various circumstances and regrettable decisions, Athens eventually turned into somewhat of a nightmare, despite my enduring love for the city.

Danae Athens

The grand allure of the American Dream has yet to claim the title of My Dream Place in my heart (but my happy moment is that my grandson was born here).

New York City

Perhaps this is because, during one of my visits back home, I stumbled upon My Real Dream Place—none other than Sitia in Crete. Sitia possesses all the remarkable qualities I’ve come to admire in each of the other Dream Places I’ve encountered: natural beauty, a captivating sea, breathtaking views, delectable cuisine, soul-stirring music, and an air of love and warmth.

Sitia, Crete

However, what truly sets Sitia apart and makes it My Dream Place are the remarkable people I have had the pleasure of meeting there. Their hospitality, zest for life, and profound love for their homeland have left an everlasting impression. While it’s true that one may encounter a few outliers anywhere they go, the majority of individuals I’ve encountered in Sitia have been extraordinary souls, embodying the true spirit of a Dream Place.

Sitia Port

I make it a point to revisit Sitia time and time again, and it has become the focal point of my Savor Greece channel, where I aim to uncover every facet of this remarkable place. Who knows, maybe one day My Dream Place will become my permanent abode, the place I call home for the rest of my days. As I continue to explore its wonders and share its beauty with the world, I hold each moment spent in Sitia close to my heart, knowing that it has become an integral part of my identity and a sanctuary for my dreams.

You can take a small pick at the place I call “Home”, Sitia

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