Well when you are too far to taste your favorite meals, then your friends send you those by web, with photos and much love!!

Of course is not the same, but when you have tasted the before, then you have the flavor in your memory. You close your eyes and taste them again and again.

In my case, my good friends Elefteria and Georgia from Sitia in Crete, teamed up, Georgia cooked her beautiful dolmadakia, the best I have ever had, standing up in the pot like little soldiers, with a filling full of herbs rice and vegetable (the first thing I tasted in Sitia the day I arrived there 2 years ago) and of course the amazing goat with fresh greens, a taste I will never forget. Elefteria sent me the photos to gear me up for my upcoming visit to my most favorite place in Greece.

Gogos dolmadakia!!

If you want to try those dishes as well, all you have to do is visit Inodion restaurant in Sitia, and if you happened to be there the first week of September, then we can have them together!!!

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much love

Tony (if you like to get in touch with me write to chefkavalieros@gmail.com )