I learned about Donkeyland during my visit to Athens last year through the media. To my surprise, a good friend of mine is married to the owner of Donkeyland. Since the place was close to where I lived, it was a great opportunity for me to see the beautiful work they do there and also to reconnect with my friend, Katerina.

Donkeyland, also known as Gaidourochora (Greek), is an Urban Non-Profit Society established by a group of individuals who share a vision of protecting donkeys and reintegrating them into modern life as companion animals or for activities that respect their nature and needs. They recognize donkeys as ambassadors of the Greek “delivery vessel” and advocate for their use in supportive or therapeutic treatment.

The organization operates a licensed breeding facility where they provide shelter for donkeys in need, including those that have been abandoned, whose owners are no longer able to care for them, or those who have suffered from abuse.

Donkeyland informs and educates individuals who are considering acquiring a donkey, ensuring that they are equipped to responsibly and consistently care for such animals. They offer guidance and assistance to donkey owners in resolving any issues they may encounter.

Promoting donkey adoption is also an important aspect of Donkeyland’s work. After being rehabilitated both physically and mentally during their stay at the center, donkeys are made available for adoption.

Donkeyland’s philosophy encompasses various actions aimed at securing the necessary financial resources to meet the needs of the animals under their care, respond to emergencies requiring attention, and act as a source of information and awareness regarding donkeys.

The income generated from visits to Donkeyland is used for the maintenance of the facility, animal care, and to finance visits by children and adults in need. By participating in Donkeyland activities, you are not only supporting the institution but also enabling individuals who may not have the means to travel, such as those from orphanages, nursing homes, or institutions for people with special needs, to experience the tenderness, almost unconditional acceptance, and love that these animals generously offer.

All the organization’s actions are carried out by volunteers, making their participation invaluable. In order for Donkeyland to respond to an increasing number of incidents, financial support from individuals like you is crucial. If you would like to become a volunteer or sponsor, you can find the appropriate links on their website provided here.

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