This 10 Days/9 nights package, Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos, is offered to you by The Travel Factory and Savor Greece.

This Greek Tour covers the Central and Eastern parts of the mainland with some of the best natural landscapes. The majestic rocks of Meteora. The beautiful traditional city of Ioannina, and Volos by the sea crowned by Pilion mountain. 

Day 1st Athens: Welcome to Athens!

Arrival at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport:

Our transfer will be waiting for you at the airport. Sit back in our luxurious vehicles, as we transport you to your overnight Hotel in Athens “The Athens Key Hotel”(BB).

Panathinean Stadium-Kalimarmaro

Day 2nd Athens – Sightseeing Acropolis – Acropolis Museum

Our Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos Greek Tour starts now. After a luxurious Greek breakfast get ready for the most amazing Athens city tour. Top Athens attractions includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Greek Parliament building and the Presidential Palace.

This guided half-day tour will help you get your sense of direction, if this is your first visit to Athens. We visit the Panathinaikon Stadium for a photo stop, where the first Olympic Games took place in 1896. It is the only stadium built completely out of white marble.

Drive past the Zappeion garden, located in the historic center of Athens and the temple of Olympian Zeus. You will then drive past the Athenean Trilogy, the wonderful 3-building complex includes the University of Athens, the Academy, and the National Library.

The route takes us past the National Garden, the Hadrians Arc, St. Pauls Church, the Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Schliemanns House (Numismatic Museum of Athens), the Catholic Cathedral, the Old Parliament, the Constitution Square, the Russian Orthodox Church, and finally the ACROPOLIS. There we will visit Propylaea (the gateway), the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon and the Erechtheion (the Porch of Maidens).

Then we will stroll up to the UNESCO-listed site that served as the ancient citadel and tour the buildings as you listen to how they reflected Athens prosperity in the 5th century BC. We will then visit the New Acropolis Museum, 300 meters away from the sacred rock of Acropolis. At last 4000 priceless statues found their home here.

Overnight in Athens at “The Athens Key Hotel”(with breakfast).


Day 3rd Athens – Ioannina

After breakfast we depart for Ioannina.

Arrive at Ioannina, the picturesque capital city of Epirus in the western region of Greece! There we will have a walking tour by the shores of the lake and then we will take the boat over to the island “The island with no name” in the Pamvotis lake. The view from the boat is spectacular. Arriving at the island we will visit the Museum, by the welcoming area of the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon, where Ali Pasha used it as a vacation home. The Museum of the Pre-Revolutionary Period first opened in 1958 and we will have the chance to taste the famous Yianniotiko Baklava. The Greek tour continues.

Overnight in Ioannina “Epirus Palace Hotel Congress and Spa”(with breakfast and dinner)

Stone Forest_Monodendri

Day 4th Ioannina – Zagoria Villages – Ioannina

Today after Breakfast we will explore the fascinating traditional Zagoria Villages built on the edge of the Vikos gorge (altitude 770 m) where the national park of Vikos-Aoos begins.

Zagoria is a cluster of more than 46 villages. All villages have a traditional architecture with stone houses, paved paths, and roofs with grey tiles. Nested among a landscape of Limestone Mountains and deep river canyons, is a stunning area to explore.

Our first stop will be at the Stone Forest in Monodendri, an amazing natural creation. It is one of the more bizarre and beautiful places in Greece. Layers of natural rock formations shaped like trees at an altitude of 1,500 meters. This stunning field of rocks, rising amidst oak and maple trees, A few kilometers outside the village of Monodendri, we can see the Oxia viewpoint, a great spot to stop and enjoy the magnificent view.

We go past the Voidomatis River that flows across the villages of Zagoria, Epirus. It is one of the most scenic natural attractions in Greece. We will head into the mountains to visit the Papigo villages and the deep Vikos Gorge.

Overnight in Ioannina. “Epirus Palace Hotel Congress and Spa” (with breakfast and dinner)


Day 5th Ioannina – Metsovo – Elati – Kalabaka

Today after Breakfast our program includes the city of Metsovo, a picturesque town situated in the slopes of mountain Pindos in Epirus.  The small town stands at an altitude of 1156 m and is surrounded by beautiful nature and lush vegetation. Metsovo is a popular traditional destination as it is one of the few places that have kept its character over the years with traditional stone and wooden houses. We will explore the village, walk in the stone alleyways and admire the traditional architecture of the houses and the views of mount Pindos.

Then we will explore Elati, a cosmopolitan mountain town in Thessaly. The village is surrounded by fir, chestnut and cedar trees up on the west side of the mountain, at an altitude of 950m. It’s the largest of the alpine villages in this region, and a destination in Greece with a tourist infrastructure fully-equipped for all seasons.

Overnight in Kalambaka at “Grand Meteora Hotel” (with breakfast and dinner)


Day 6th Kalabaka – Meteora

Have breakfast and drive to the majestic Meteora, nature’s miracle of Greece. Many centuries ago, on these gigantic rocks with the breathtaking landscape reaching heights of more than 600 meters, it was formed one of the most important monastic communities of Greece. The Greek word Meteora means “suspended in the air” and this phrase aptly describes these remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries. A great place to experience, a spectacular landscape and byzantine monasteries perched on top of steep rocks that house priceless artifacts and wall paintings. In 1988, the Meteora monasteries have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Overnight in Kalambaka at. “Grand Meteora Hotel” (with breakfast and dinner)


Day 7th Kalabaka -Volos

After breakfast we depart for Volos one of the largest and most beautiful Greek cities, located at the center of the country, with a port that is among the busiest in Greece. The city was the starting point of the ancient famed expedition of Jason and the Argonauts, which is one of the best-known chapters of Greek Mythology. As a nod to this ancient hero there is a replica of an ancient Trireme ship berthed at the city port.

We will take a tour in the city of Volos, the jewel of the Pagasetic Gulf, a wonderful seafront with picturesque little restaurants, the famous tsipouradika, named after tsipouro, a popular grape-distilled spirit served in the area.

Overnight in Volos at “Aegli Pallas Hotel” (with breakfast and dinner)


Day 8th Volos – Pilio – Volos

Breakfast at Volos and then take a drive to the dreamlike landscapes of Mount Pelion. The mountain range is about 44km long and from 10km to 25km wide. Thick vegetation with oak forests and fir trees in abundant. A particularly dense oak forest at the central area, and evergreen forests at lower altitudes on the northern slopes. The mountain range is also home to chestnut trees, willow trees, plane and poplar trees, but Pelion is most known for its over 1000 species of healing herbs.

Pelion is full of picturesque and traditional villages perched along dense green mountainsides or boarding the seaside, all with a different style but yet very beautiful.

Pilion has 24 villages, with houses made from green, blue or grey slate and with painted wooden window frames and doors. In Greek mythology Mount Pelion was the domain of the Chiron the Centaur, who was a tutor to heroes like Heracles, Achilles, Jason and Theseus. There is the Centaurs Path up the slope at the village of Portaria, a short hike over mountain streams crossed by little wooden bridges on green slopes shrouded by beech, plane, chestnut, oak, and maple trees.

An easy drive north of Volos will bring us to the lovely village of Portaria. Facing the Pagasetic Gulf at an elevation of 650 meters, Portaria, was built around the Monastery of Panagia in the 1200s. The village is wreathed in greenery, abounding with deciduous trees, orchards, gardens and flower pots on its streets.

Then is the mountainous Tsagarada, one of the oldest villages of Pelion, and perhaps the most well-known both in Greece and abroad. Founded in 1500 in a wild chestnut forest, from a distance it looks immersed in lush and vast forests. Looking to the east, you can gaze on the beautiful panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. Then at 1200m altitude lay the village of Chania of Pilion.

Overnight in Volos at “Aegli Pallas Hotel” (with breakfast and dinner)


Day 9th Volos –Athens

Breakfast and we depart for Athens. On the way to Athens we will stop at Thermopylae, also known as Hot Gates, a small region in Central Greece, carrying the legend and valor of a great and touching moment in Greek history. We will visit the area where the famous battle between the Greeks & the Persians took place in 480 B.C. to admire the marvelous statue of King Leonidas of Sparta, who, with his 300 Spartans & 700 Thespians, faced numerous Persian forces under the command of King Xerxes A. It was there that Leonidas told to Xerxes the famous phrase “Molon Lave” which means “Come & Get It”. The Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos tour ends!!

Arrive to Athens.

Overnight in Athens at “Athens Key Hotel”

Day 10th Athens – Departure

Breakfast and transfers to the airport. Your amazing Greek Tour is over for now. Until next time!!!

Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos Greek Tour package

Cost of package 2.995 euros per person in Double Room

Single supplement (795 euros per person)

Minimum amount of people for this package tour is 8 persons.

Included in the Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos package

Full accommodation for 9 nights at the above mentioned hotels

Daily breakfast at the Hotels

8 lunches

9 dinners (6 are included at the hotels)

Bus service as itinerary

Entrance fees at museums and Meteora monasteries

Round trip boat fees in Ioannina at “The Lake with no name”

Accommodation Tax

Two 500ml water bottles, per person per day.

Not included in the Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos package

Air tickets to Greece

Tips at your discretion

Anything not specified at the included

Athens, Ioannina, Kalambaka, Volos package is offered all year round, for all seasons. Ideal months to visit, April, June, September, October, November and December.

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