Anafiotika is a picturesque, small neighborhood located in Athens, forming part of the historic Plaka district. It is situated on the northeastern side of the Acropolis hill. Despite its beauty, the charming neighborhood of Anafiotika is often overlooked by both visitors to Athens and even some Athenians themselves.

The first houses in Anafiotika were constructed during the reign of Otto of Greece, when workers from the island of Anafi migrated to Athens to work as construction laborers in the renovation of King Othon’s Palace.

Anafi Island

Over time, workers from other Cycladic islands also arrived, contributing their skills as carpenters, stonemasons, and marble workers during various phases of reconstruction in Athens, including the period following the end of King Otto’s reign.

Narrow street

In 1922, Greek refugees from Asia Minor settled in Anafiotika, thereby diversifying the population which had previously consisted solely of people from the Cycladic islands. In 1950, a section of the neighborhood was demolished for archaeological research, and by 1970, the government began purchasing houses in the area.

Typical island house of Anafiotika

Presently, only 45 houses remain,, and the narrow streets, stretching from Stratonos to the Acropolis rock, still lack official names, being commonly referred to as “Anafiotika.”

Aegean colors

The neighborhood’s architectural style adheres to the typical Cycladic aesthetics, evoking the ambiance of the Greek islands within the heart of the city.

Cycladic look

Its houses are characterized by small, mostly cubic structures, and the winding streets often lead to staircases or dead ends that open up to terraces, providing visitors with opportunities to sit and enjoy the city’s nighttime panorama.

On the slope of Acropolis Rock

Anafiotika has become a beloved destination for leisurely walks in Athens, attracting numerous visitors. In this area, one can discover a handful of cafes and restaurants offering a warm and traditional atmosphere.

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