The feelings associated with airports are diverse, ranging from positive to mixed emotions. Personally, I find myself loving airports, with the exception of De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Airports evoke a sense of anticipation, joy, and excitement, akin to the feeling just before embarking on a new adventure. They symbolize a break from the monotony of everyday life and the prospect of reuniting with old friends, family, and exploring new places.

Having visited numerous airports throughout my life, I still experience the same emotions each time I step foot in one. From the moment I enter to the moment I exit, there is an array of emotions that arise. It begins with the concern over luggage, such as ensuring it meets weight restrictions and has the correct tags to accompany me on my journey.

Then, there’s the exploration of airport shops and eateries, where I often make sure to have extra time, either by arriving early or during a layover. I enjoy grabbing a bite to eat, sipping some coffee awhile watching the people go by and leisurely browsing the duty-free shops (even though they tend to be more expensive than non-duty shops).

The anticipation builds as I eagerly await the announcement of my flight, observing people rushing to board as if the plane will depart without them. Once on board, I find my seat, which I must admit seems to shrink in size every year (unless you pay extra for a few extra centimeters of legroom). I also hope to be seated next to a pleasant individual, particularly during long flights, so that the journey can be enjoyable. See how some passengers are dressed is another entertaining past-time.

The service on planes is typically nothing extraordinary, although it may be slightly better on long-haul flights. However, the excitement of reaching my destination is so great that I tend to overlook minor inconveniences.

Arriving on time is always a bonus, and the sight of my suitcase appearing on the luggage belt brings about a sense of relief and happiness. Now, I am ready to leave the airport, meet my loved ones, and embark on a new adventure.

I truly love airports. How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


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