A quick and easy cheese pie that took the name Avrakoti (with no pants) because of the fact that doesn’t have any phyllo pastry!!! Very plain which gives you the opportunity to combine any other ingredients you like with it.


Feta cheese 1cups broken to pieces

Soft cottage cheese (or ricotta cheese) 1/2cups

Eggs 3 large

Whole milk 1cups

Greek yogurt 1/2cups

Butter (soften) 1tbsp

Black pepper to taste

Flour all-purpose 1/2cups

Kefalotiri cheese (hard cheese) grated 4tbsp (3 for the filling and 1 for the baking pan)


In a bowl mix the feta cheese with cottage cheese and the eggs.

Add the milk the yogurt and mix well. Season with pepper. Add the grated hard cheese

Add the flour, mix well and empty in a well-oiled baking pan dusted with grated hard cheese.  

Bake at 180C or 356F for about 40 minutes.

Recipe: Niovi Kampitsi Fotinatou

Watch the video here