In one of my gastronomic-travels, I found myself in Anogia, Crete together with some Cretan “palikaria” and tasted some of the best goat “BBQ” I ever had.

“Ofto” or “Antikristo” meat is prepared traditionally in mountainous areas usually by shepherds (though, today you can find it in restaurants as well). Very convenient because it does not require any utensils. Once the animal (lamb or goat) is butchered, and the saddle removed, it is then divided into four pieces, called “goulidia”. Each piece is salted and placed on a wooden or metal skewer. Then stones are placed in a circle and they set up the meat skewers on top of them.


In the center of the circle, keeping the appropriate distance, a fire is lit using dry wood logs in order for the meat to cook facing the fire (andikrista).

The meat is cooked for about 45 minutes in this position and then turned over till completely cooked. Some salads, homemade goat cheese (mizithra and graviera), freshly baked bread, music, dance, raki drinking and “baloties” shooting their guns in the air, made this a joyful and an unforgettable experience.

Story and photos: Chef Tony Kavalieros