When my Italian friend Lucia Pappas said that she has a recipe for roasted potatoes from her dad that is over 100 years old I had to taste them for myself.  And because I am nice, I will share with you as well!!!


Potatoes (Lucia used Idaho potatoes) about 1,5 kilos

Olive oil 1cups

Garlic to taste (but the more the better)

Coarse salt to taste (potatoes love salt)

Coarse black pepper (make it as spicy as you like)

Parmesan grated 1cups

Oregano to taste


Wash and peel the potatoes

Slice them thin

Place them in your baking pan and pour your oil over them. Use your hands to distribute the oil on all the potatoes.

Chop the garlic and mix in the potatoes

Season well with salt and pepper

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese to cover all the potatoes

Do the same with oregano

Bake in 205C (400F) preheated oven for 1 hour

At 45minutes take out the pan and turn the potatoes over to brown evenly

Return in the oven, make sure the 15 minutes left ate enough to brown and crisp the potatoes


Recipe by Lucia Pappas

Watch the video here