A delicious compliment to eggplants found in every Greek meze table, originally from Lebanon with the name, Baba Ganoush. Enjoyed almost everywhere in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Some use lemon juice instead of vinegar, others use tahini sauce, some makes it spicy and others just plain eggplant. Still, it remains a favorite dish, quick and easy to make. 


Eggplants 2 big ones

Red bell pepper 1

Tahini paste 2tbs

Garlic made to paste 1tsp

Parsley fresh chopped 1/2cups

Red wine vinegar to taste

Olive oil 1/3cups

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. With a fork punch holes on the eggplants and char on the grill or on a fire flame, until soft and skin is burned
  2. Do the same with red bell pepper but place it in a ziplog bag for 10 minutes for the skin to peel off easier.
  3. Remove skin off the eggplants, chop with a knife and place in a bowl
  4. Remove skin and seeds from red pepper, chop and add to the eggplant.
  5. Mix in the tahini paste, garlic, parsley, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix well, adjust seasoning.
  6. Warm oiled pita bread on the grill and sprinkle with zattar
  7. Serve with pickles and Greek style green chili peppers

Watch the video here

Recipe and photos: chef Tony Kavalieros