At The “Karamanlidika of Fanis’ you can buy outstanding products and at the same time enjoy traditional delicacies.

The flavor of karamanlides is an element of culture and traditions and along with documents and religion Karamanlides maintained intact for many centuries in Cappadocia and Cilicia. Their country was named Karamania by the Ottomans and the residents Karamanlides. Being a commercial center between Persia, Middle East and Europe, they spread the “paston” (salted) and “tetarichefmenous kolines” of the Ionians to the Romans, the “akropaston” and “Voutilous” of the Byzantines to the Ottomans, combining Anatolian spices, excess meat from commercial caravans and need of food supplies for the travelers.

fanis frond

At the “Karamanlidika of Fanis’ you can taste authentic karamanlidikes recipes and buy the delicatessen products “Sary”, produced by Paraskevas Sarimpogias in his factory in Drama. We use patience and expertise to produce flavors from the past, with traditions lost in the mists of history.

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Visit us at the renovated stone historic building where you enjoy fine Karamanlidiko pastrouma and soutzouki, original Karamanlidiko sausages as well as other delicious traditional dishes. We have aged cheeses, matured cold meats, prized baked meats, and our production of traditional smoked products – as well as small producers from all over Greece.

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Our specialty is the pastroumas, kavourmas the soutzouki and other curing products. Find a variety of flavors and origin, which will satisfiy even the most demanding clients. Choose from a variety of delicious aging products, cheeses with a protected designation of origin – PDO, Protected Geographical Indication – PGI and special dishes which we choose for you and your table.

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We visit the whole Greece to choose for you high quality products from exclusive small producers.
Flavors and methods of production famous all over the world selected from the best recipes of the Greek cuisine. Choose from dozens of fine traditional foods and enjoy the aromas and taste that created the history of the Mediterranean diet.

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Famous products and selected producers from Thrace, Drama, Kerkini, Soho, Florina, Epirus, Tripoli, Argolida, Mani, Messinia, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese Sitia and the Ionian islands.

find us at: Sokratous 1 & Evripidou 52, Athens