At Michalitsas Taverna, everything you thought you knew about the classic tavern is about to change! As soon as you step inside this small tavern, you can feel the love in the air. Every aspect of it has soul and bears the touch of a remarkable woman – Michalitsa.

Michalitsas Taverna interior

From the decor to the tables and chairs, everything in the tavern reflects Michalitsa’s personal touch. Her story is truly inspiring. A wife, a mother and a grandmother, she had no prior experience in the food business, but her talent for cooking and her love for bringing people together led her to start the tavern. It all began when she started cooking for friends, who encouraged her to open a place where they could gather, have fun, and enjoy delicious bites.


Michalitsa started her venture by using the fridge from her own home, along with her stove and some kitchen utensils. She found an empty space, and that’s how “Michalitsas Taverna” came to life. Initially located at Romanos village square, this summer she moved to a new space at the entrance of Romanos village.

Michalitsa herself is a rock and roll cook, the kind of person you instantly fall in love with when you meet her. She invited me into her kitchen to show me the dishes she had prepared for the day. From white local fava to pies with freshly collected greens, from rooster with Flomari pasta to braised rabbit with fries, and from her homemade “cavourma” with eggs to her own cheese, pickles, marmalades, jams, chutneys, and homemade bread—she does it all.

Pies with fresh greens
Rooster with Flomari pasta
Rabbit with fries
Homemade Cavourmas with eggs

On the last night of the 2022 summer season, the lights outside were turned off, as she only stayed open for us. A few other friends were present in the corner of the taverna, enjoying each other’s company.

I wish I had more time to spend with Michalitsa. I visited the taverna with my friends, who are also in the food and hospitality business in Limnos. Malama from Flomari Taverna (her video will be out soon) and Stelio from Varos Village accompanied me. Our purpose was to indulge in delicious food, but I was not prepared for the extraordinary experience I was about to encounter. Unfortunately, I had not brought my camera to capture Michalitsa’s cooking, but I promise to do so next time.


So, if you find yourself in Limnos, make sure to visit Michalitsas Taverna. You’ll find it right here.

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