Helen Greek Food and Wine in Houston is a Month Old!!!

It never ceases to amaze me love of non-Greeks for Greece, for Greek food and wine, and Greek traditions. I came across the following article written by “Helen’s Greek Food and Wine” owner, Evan Turner. Enjoy reading it, KEEP IT COMING!!!

So, as of today, Helen Greek Food and Wine is a month old.

It finally started to sink in while speaking to some guests last night that the dream to open Helen had become a reality. I have given up on so very many things in life; frankly I do not know why I could not give up on Helen. When I tell people that Greece changed me I'm not sure they believe it but it is so very true. I fell in love with Greece and everything about her.

For me, Helen was going to be my way of saying thank you to Greece and Greeks for making me the person I am, for better or for worse. Without Greece I never would have loved food and wine. Without Greece I never would have learned that what are thought of as myths can be real. Without Greece my love of politics would not exist. Without Greece I would not speak with my hands. Without Greece I never learn about “Philotimo”.

There are so many people to thank, there is no way to get them all here but in a way nearly everyone who has interacted with me over the years has helped in some way or another.

Firstly, my wife Elissa, who supported this idea through thick and thin. To Sharif, Tim and William, you know why. To Erin, you are the best. To the entire staff of Helen, Donnie, Jenelle, Kate, Natalie, Mer, Eddie, Steven, Alyce, Greg and the rest of our great team, thanks for putting up with my craziness. To so many Houston food and wine professionals, so many I would miss one listing you all, thank you for support, advice and inspiration.

Without Houston, Helen never happens. Finally, to all the Greeks. All the wonderful Greeks I have met on this journey and everyone I knew and grew up with in Greece, be you Greek or non-Greek like myself. To name you all would make this pages long so let me say this: My debt of gratitude to all of you can and will never be properly described or repaid. Each and every one of you did something to help create Helen. A part of each of you is in that restaurant.

Overall I just want to thank everyone. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope all of you get a chance to come by and enjoy Helen. This was a dream that was years in the making, now that it is a reality I hope you all enjoy visiting Helen even half as much as I have had making this dream come true. Once again, thank you.

Evan D. Turner
Helen Greek Food and Wine


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