Blue Olive Market

Opened in January 2014, Blue Olive Market is the only Greek and Mediterranean-inspired eatery and market that proudly offers made-from-scratch, chef-centric prepared foods for people who live, work, shop and entertain in Manhattan.

“We use fresh local and organic foods whenever possible as well as the finest Mediterranean imports in our dishes. We stock our shelves with hand selected gourmet and artisanal products that we enjoy cooking with in our recipes, and hope you will too. At Blue Olive Market, we keep our focus on what’s important to our guests; quality food, hospitality, and convenience”.

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“From the moment we turn our oven on in the morning, until we clean our last plate, our focus is always on the most important part of our market, YOU. We are passionate about our food and products and are excited to share them with you. Here are some of the things that we dedicate ourselves to everyday to give our guests the best experience possible:”

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“With Blue Olive Market we wanted to bring to the community a Greek inspired market that utilizes the best local and organic ingredients and the finest imports in our dishes and on our shelves. We are excited to share our food, knowledge and enthusiasm with our guests every day,”

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•Food Quality – We use fresh local and organic foods whenever possible and the finest imports. Our chef centric recipes are always made from scratch.
•Convenience – Our prepared and grab-and-go foods offer our guests restaurant quality foods for their fast paced on-the-go lifestyles.
•Guest Experience – Our experienced, excited and knowledgeable staff is an extension of our management’s background in operating high-end restaurants. Our “guest-first” approach makes every experience enjoyable.

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Blue Olive Market is conveniently located just blocks from Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building and the United Nations. It is easily accessible via Subway, Metro North, or Bus.

-Stavros Aktipis, Owner Blue Olive Market

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