Frumenty - Trahanas

Each place has a story, its own unique aromas, flavors and colors, which man took, composed and created his daily life.

So in our own poor motherland (Greece), people took what they had in abundance and created modest but "inspiring" dishes. This was in complete harmony with the economic and specific characteristics of their lives. During the June harvest the milk is still "robust", the climatic conditions are favorable, (warm enough but not too hot) with little humidity and a sweet breeze, it is the perfect time to begin preparations for the making of trahana.

Trahanas ingredients are simple; milk, broken wheat (bulgur) and semolina. The preparation needs patience and time and is it goes as follows: Simmer the milk until it forms a crust, but do not over boil then add the bulgur, semolina and salt. Mix well and continuously until the mixture thickens (the old say that you must boil well). The mixing requires muscle power so that it will not stick.

When the thick porridge is ready, remove it from the heat and place the pot in running water to cool it immediately and completely. The frumenty needs time to cool.

When it reaches a temperature which could be "handled" using your hands cut it in pieces and place it on clean sheets and cover it with tulle. Leave it to dry in a place with good ventilation and away from direct sun light, (if it is very hot will go sour).

traxanas pices

During this stage trahanas is like a girl sleeping under a mosquito net… protecting her from the flies but enough ventilation to keep her dry. When dehydrated grate again by hand into smaller pieces and let it dry again. Repeat this procedure; kopsimo- 3 to 4 times with the aid of a wire sieve (rimoni) so that the final product is the size of the original grain from the broken wheat.

traxanas aploma

When completely dry, put it in glass jars sealed tightly. Store it in a dark and dry location.
Come winter, make it into a soup (our grandparents used to boil it with milk for stronger flavor) and add pepper, feta cheese, tomato, chicken, lamb, goat, depending on the individual preference and availability of the ingredients.

traxanas vaze

Basic recipe for Trahana:
9 kg sheep milk, * 2.5kg cut wheat (bulgur), ½ kilo of semolina and 1 handful of salt

Efi Nikolaou

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