Cretan Sarikopites

Another delicious fried cheese pie from the island of Crete. Serve with honey, molasses or powdered sugar.

18oz all-purpose flour (500grm)
1 cup of lukewarm water
3tbsp olive oil
1/2tsp fine salt
1tsp dry yeast
1 cup tsikoudia (grappa)
18oz (500grm) mizithra cheese (9oz sweet anthotyro and 9oz sour mizithra) (or 8oz ricotta and 10oz feta cheese)
Olive oil for frying

Preparationsarikopita round
In a bowl mix the flour with the yeast.

Add the tsikoudia, the olive oil, the salt and the water and knead to a smooth elastic dough.

Mix the two cheeses together.

Open the dough with the help of a rolling pin to a phyllo pastry and cut it to rectangular strips 4X8 inches.

Place 1tbsp of the cheese mixture on the dough strips length wise, fold, seal the dough and twist the whole pie to a doughnut shape.

Repeat the process till both dough strips and cheese is utilized.

Fry the pies in hot olive oil to a golden brown color on both sides and drain on kitchen paper.

Recipe from the Dictamo Grocery Store

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