Bourbouristi Hohlie (garden snails)

If you think that this Cretan delicacy is too much trouble to cook, wait until you taste them and maybe you will change your mind!!!


2lb medium size snails (get them here for USA)
Olive oil
3tbsp Fresh rosemary leaves
Wine vinegar

snails wash

Cleaning of snails
Place the snails in a big strainer and wash them well under running cold water.
Put them in a container and top them up with fresh cold water making sure you put a lid on the container so they don’t walk away. Let then “swim” until they are all out crawling.
Strain them, empty them in a pot with hot water, and bring to boil for about 5 minutes. (if you buy them half boiled avoid last two steps)
Strain them once more, wash them under cold water and they ready to cook.

snails pan

In a heavy pan sprinkle salt and place the snails facing down in circles to cover the whole pan and close the center with a snail.
Sprinkle salt on them again and add 3tbsp olive oil.
Cook for 7 minutes in medium heat, shaking the pan a few times so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
After 7 minutes add the fresh rosemary leaves and add the vinegar, enough to almost cover the snails.
Simmer until the snails “drink” almost the whole vinegar.

snails cook

Ready to suck on them!!! Try them with some thick yogurt.

Recipe from Diktamo

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