Sardines in salt and vinegar (xidates)

Summer without fish or without the smell of the sea, no way!!! Besides, how else will you accompany your ouzo or tsipouro?

But what do you do when the sea is not next to you, and fresh fish is not available because of the season?
Pickled fish has always been the solution! A solution so easy, since it utilizes the most humble materials –small fish (anchovy or sardine), vinegar, salt, oil and herbs! This way we keep all the flavors of summer, all year round.

pasto garlic

Pickled fish can be made in different ways and with different fish. The easiest way is to take small fish, remove the heads and gut, place them in a container with vinegar and coarse salt, cover well and let them “sleep” for half a day. Next step is to remove them from the vinegar and salt, fillet them, place them crosswise in a bowl, with no gaps between them. Then fill the bowl with oil and put in two or three cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, parsley and maybe a chili for garnish.
Pickled fish is kept for a long time and of course it is a favorite snack for ouzo enthusiasts.

By Efi Nikolaou

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