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To eat because you have to eat is a habit. To eat clever, is an art. To eat your mother’s home cooked food is pure bliss!!!

In the beginning there were 2 friends, working colleagues… both of them sound engineers. Kostas loved cooking and eating… Yiannis loved singing and gatherings… both loved what goes on around the Greek dinner table: the delicious food, the lively music, the crowd singing along and all the good fun.

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Kostas took his cooking to another level by taking cooking lessons which increased his passion for food. Giannis nick-name was Hondroulis (fat boy) and I bet you can guess why? Giannis loved and still does to this day, food!!! The two of them together decided to improve the quality of the food at their place of work. Hence the ideas for better meals was born; their colleagues started looking forward to their lunch break, waiting every day for more tasty surprises from Kosta and Gianni. 2011. That was only the beginning!!!

htls two

They came up with the name that sounds like Giannis nick-name but actually means Hot-Fatty but cute (Hot-n-Troulis). They decided that it was too good and it had to be shared.
In October 2012 the HotnTroulis group started pairing food with friends, organizing surprise events at specific places that were announced to the participants just a few days before the event. Fun themes that were announced the day of the event (most of the times). Kostas and Giannis brought in more people to help… Pol the beer guy, Tony the Chef, Ioanna the volleyball player and many others.

hot team
20 original happenings took place since then, bringing hundreds of people together, all with one common theme… the love for food and “parea” (companionship).
Not one of those events was the same, they took place at someone’s home, at some little (or big) restaurant, in Pols beer making workshop, on a boat, in the Athenian Meat Market after midnight, on some Greek Island or a picnic in the forest.

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They (Kosta and Gianni) cooked, the guests cooked sometimes, the mothers of the guests cooked as well and sometimes the restaurant owners. They all used Greek traditional local and seasonal products, recipes were prepared using different techniques and always with music to suit each occasion.

“The participants ages range from 0 to 100”, Kosta says, “and there are about 1200 friends on our list till now”. “I am certain that they enjoy themselves because they come back for more, and they bring more friends”.

“We try to give our guests a good time” adds Giannis, “we get other people with the same passion to come and share some of their secrets with us and to intrigue our palates with their flavorful suggestions”.

hot mom

TGC: Which event do you believe was the best one up to now?

Kostas: It’s very difficult to actually pick one over the other, they were all great, but I will tell you which one was the most “touching” for me. We had an event were the participants’ mothers cooked for us. Every mom came with a tray or a pot of food or dessert. They presented us with the most beautiful home-cooked dishes and the money we collected from this event was donated to homeless children.

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TGC: Would you like to take this venue abroad?

Giannis: We have already been in contact with people abroad, the distance is a challenge but it will bring new ideas as well as exciting opportunities. The similarities in our gastronomic culture with other neighbor countries can only be discovered through people and the way they live. Of course we are open to suggestions.

TGC: What are your future plans?

HotnTroulis: Our course has been determined by the needs of our fan club and this is the way we will continue. We only suggest, but it is our friends who lead and give us the motivation to explore new avenues. One of our next events will be “Provatina” (goat) Rock and Roll, and of course everyone is invited to Rock with us. Stay tuned on our Face Book page for details.
There is also something “bigger” coming up, but it will be announced closer to the opening date and it will be more of an “ongoing” act. For this you will have to keep in touch and we will let you know soon.

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A personal note to Kosta, Yianni and the entire team at HOTnTROULIS

"as your good friend and strong supporter I will make it my personal goal to bring you over to this side of the Atlantic in the near future"

"I wait with anticipation for your next project and I am honoured to have been featured as one of your first guest chefs and mentor"

all the best and keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!!