Which destination has the world's best food? By CNN staff 2015

For traveling foodies, local cuisine is as important as the destination itself when planning a trip.

To highlight the most popular cuisines on the planet right now, we asked CNN readers to vote for their favorite culinary destination in an open Facebook poll.

Clearly, Asian food is on people's minds these days.

That or we have a lot of readers in the region who want to support their homeland's culinary prowess.

With the exception of Italy and Greece, every place on our list is in Asia.

Hong Kong

Ready to hop on a plane?

greek food

Greece is in the 9th place with the following comment from the CNN editor.
Traveling and eating in Greece feels like a glossy magazine spread come to life, but without the Photoshopping.

Like the blue seas and white buildings, the kalamata olives, feta cheese, the colorful salads and roast meats are all postcard perfect by default.

The secret? Lashings of glistening olive oil.

Gift of gods, olive oil is arguably Greece's greatest export, influencing the way people around the world think about food and nutritional health.


From TGC: I believe it is time to take advantage of what the rest of the world thinks about the Greek food and the natural beauty about our land. Start doing something solid about it instead of just “reading” about it; pat each other’s backs and say, “Oh that’s nice”. Make this beautiful country a
12 month tourist destination (because we have everything all four seasons can offer), promote our amazing food to the rest of the world and be on the first position for the BEST destination in the World… and do it now!!!

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