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  • Laiki agora (Street Market) 25.Aug.2015

    Street markets operate all over Greece, selling foodstuffs and gardening or household equipment, as well as children toys and various...

  • “Yiorti” Samou, August 15th 15.Aug.2015

    August 15, a big day for Greeks and the Greek Orthodox Church. The feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos...

  • Cretan Cuisine 18.Jul.2015

    The Cretan cuisine was a phenomenon due to many factors. But perhaps it would be better first to say that...

  • Watermelon 18.Jul.2015

    Can you imagine summer without watermelon? Best fruit ever!!!

  • Stavroula Tsakla 26.Sep.2015

    Pastry making is magic. Cooking and confectionery arts are not suitable for everybody as I believe it has to come...

  • Chef Alexandros Charalabopoulos 28.Aug.2015

    For Greeks cooking is the memories we have from the family’s kitchen. The Sunday tables and the "feast" in the...

  • Harry Tzannis 11.Aug.2015

    Harry was born in Athens, Greece in 1971. He studied programming and multimedia development specialized [MA], in management of interactive...

  • Chef Stamatis Tsilias 06.Aug.2015

    I remember my grandmother who was from Pringipo, cooking and creating “magic” with herbs and spices. I too wanted to...

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